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spare me

So my friend Kameryn and I went walking tonight in our sports bras bc its humid as fuck. All was tolerable (not that we weren’t commented on several times by passing men) until heading back towards my apartment down a darker street, where a man approached us and said we had to come with him. We told him no thank you and crossed the street. At this point we were literally chased back and forth across the street by this dude while he proceeded to call us his property and only backed off when I had the police on the phone. The police officer told me that he couldn’t really help me, that sending a squad car for that would be pointless and that I was close enough to a station to just walk there—and I’m like what do you want to listen to me get straight killed on the fucking phone for? Like, what is the matter with you?

When we realized the police just weren’t going to help us Kam and I took off running to the nearest busy street and lost the guy. At this point another man at the bus stop started trying to talk to us and follow us and when I told him to please fuck off he started screaming “you white bitches get back here” and chased us into a donut shop, which was well-lit and busy enough that he left us alone. At this point a girl at the counter ordering a coffee looks at us and goes “are you really going to get a doughnut after going for a run?” and after we explained what had happened proceeded to ask if the men at the bus stop who had just chased us were “black people”. 

You couldn’t make this shit up, you guys. I want to die. 


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this bae tho

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thank u this is really sweet

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